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Below are just a few of the many organizations that integrated our solutions and services into their businesses. Thank you for your continued support and faith in us!




Our Projects

Below are some of our latest major customized software projects:


Singapore Petroleum Company Pte Ltd




Conversion Oil Stock Inventory Software

(Web ASP .Net application)


Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC) is a regional oil and gas company with interests in


Oil and gas development and production


Terminalling and distribution

Marketing and trading of crude and refined petroleum products


As such, this project allows the user to check the oil that is being transferred from one tank to another, loading and discharging of oil at the jetty, tank dipping and stock adjustment. It also allows the user to keep track of the records of different reports and to view and print out reports for filing and for future references. Reports will automatically sum up the figures of each individual record. The total number of all individual records will be finalized on the report itself. This would benefit the user as it helps to reduce the user's workload. In addition, this program includes an accounting feature that involves using various formulae to calculate the figures of each record and then generating a report for users to print out so as to allow them to analyze even further.


Tetra Pak Singapore Pte Ltd




Prepress Production Inventory Software

(Web ASP.NET application)


Tetra Pak is one of the world's largest suppliers of packing systems for milk, fruit juices, beverages and many other products. As such, this project enables the prepress department staff to keep track of the design and printing plate inventory for printing, check whether the plates are prepared and ready for mounting and the number of plates available after washing.


The whole program is created to allow users with appropriate rights to access it at any network-enabled computer. From there, the user can monitor their existing design/plate inventory and he/she has the option to add on a new design/plate inventory if necessary. The user can also print out the barcode label with the specific design number and plate details. This project also incorporates the prepress printing system to update the user of the latest status of the printing process. On top of it all, the user can select appropriate reports for viewing.


Alexandra Hospital




Environmental Care and Management System

(Web Intranet Application)


Alexandra Hospital is one of the oldest buildings in Singapore. The project aids to increase the security, as well as assist the facility management to monitor water seepage in the piping/water tank, noise level in the ward areas and environment CCTV surveillance TV camera. Whenever any of the readings exceed the preset safety margin, the sensors will detect and alert relevant technical personnel through an integrated SMS service.


ASLE Corporation Singapore Pte Ltd




Supply Chain Management Software

(Client and server application)


ASLE Corporation Singapore Pte Ltd has a headquarters in Japan and a manufacturing plant in China. Their customers come from all over the world with an inventory worth over millions of dollars. They assist customers in stocking up but at the same time, there is the risk over-stocking. This in turn would have an adverse effect on cost and inventory space. The software helps to compute a customer stock forecast and assist them in keeping the stock at a manageable level. The software includes the whole order process and accounting.


Harry Tan & Partners




In Touch Office Suite Software

(Client and server application)


Tracks Customer information

Tracks Employee Time sheet

Document creation with customer address and invoice software.


The customer's address will be automatically added to the letterhead whenever a new document is created. The software also helps to track each and every employee timesheet before approval by the manager. Furthermore, any timesheet and document can be created from any workstation and then centralized to a central server.


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